Why should you opt for Government jobs?

This is a very big question for young people nowadays, that they should pay attention to Government jobs or get private jobs. By the way, most youths expect government jobs, but nowadays competition for the government job has increased so that very few people can be selected. The big problem for the youth is also this when they are also unable to get a good job after getting the degree, then their trend goes towards the government job. This is not a much thought-out topic for students of arts or commerce, but science is a big topic for students.

In the last few years, the level of engineers has decreased greatly, despite the fact that even young people cannot succeed in getting a good job. Engineering students always expect that they start from at least Rs. 20,000 per month, but in this quest, they are unemployed by losing many opportunities even after so many Government jobs in India. After engineering, the student enters the mind that after spending so much money and spending money, he wants to get a reputable income job. For this reason, lakhs of engineers are sitting unemployed in the country.

It is a big surprise for me when Engineering is eager to work in government jobs like Patwari, IBPS or Railway departments except for its areas, whereas it is far from their area. Engineering increases your confidence because after your engineering you are so old that you understand what to do in the future. Many of my brothers and sisters often tell me that they are regretted by engineering, and if they were preparing for a government job for four years then perhaps there would be a good government job, which would not have cost the home’s money and even earning. It would have been better in years. But everyone has different opinions, so we would like to tell you the benefits of both government jobs.

Advantages of Government Jobs

Presently, most of the trend is towards the middle class family students because they cannot work on the recommendation of their family’s business or officers like high-end families. The students of middle class families have to pass through the hard work of their Competition Examination, and this is also enough for the people of their homes. Well if you do survey with the youth about this, then more than 90 percent of middle class family students will tell the trend towards government jobs because they have the following benefits:

  1. Job Security

Job Security is the biggest benefit of Sarkari Naukri that you cannot remove anybody. Most youths tend to go to government jobs because of which the future of you and your children becomes secure once a government job is taken. For a government servant, one thing is certain that he will not be poor. Most people in government-run India can believe in the middle class and they live in the same vein throughout life as they become the same life style. The government servant does not care about any other than the monthly income. A government servant has a very low risk of job loss, so only retirement is the end of government job.

  1. Pay Structure

The second biggest benefit of government jobs is good income. In earlier times, the income of government jobs and private employers remained almost the same throughout life, but after the Sixth Pay Commission was implemented, the trend of youth has increased further as they have been getting more income from private jobs in government jobs. Nowadays, small and small posts get good salaries in government jobs, despite having a young degree, they also crave short positions. Many engineering students are ready to become Clerk or Data Entry Operators in government jobs because they have more money than the post. Stay updated for upcoming govt jobs.

  1. Duty Hours

The biggest advantage of the government job is that you have to work a certain hour only, which you can also call 9 to 5 jobs which can vary in different departments. Most of my friends say that “once a government job is done then fun is fun”. I do not understand that what are the jobs of the workers do not work? Many times you have to overtime in compulsion in private job but there is no such job in the government job and if it is available then it gets good money. Generally there is an eight-hour job in a government job, in which it takes considerable time to settle other work of daily life.

  1. Promotions and Benefits

In government service you also get promotion from time to time, which keeps increasing your income, while in private all depends on your boss. As long as you do government jobs, the more you get promoted. Apart from this, you also get the benefit of many government facilities like quarters are offered to you in many government departments, apart from these you get the benefit of many services like Medical, Housing, Lon, Children’s Studies, while Private Jobs In this, you have to set aside a separate budget.

  1. Lesser work load and Holidays

One of the major reasons for the government job seekers going in this direction is the lesser work load because in the government job, you get the least amount of work and maximum facilities, so that the government servant is like a king. Neither does he need to work more from time to time nor does he have any boss because Bose himself is a government. If there is a mistake, then after coming into government service, he becomes so active in office politics that he is easily escaped from mistakes while the private person has to listen to everything from Boss.

Apart from this, you get so many vacancies and job opportunities in the government jobs that if you want you can do the other business together and many people also do it. In the Indian calendar, you will find a list of many government vacancies, besides holidays such as PL, CL. If you are in the education department, then it is more comfortable for you because in it you get the joy of summer holidays or winter holidays with every Sunday.

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